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I've been using the Organic Chocolate Shampoo by Faith in Nature regularly for almost one and a half month and I am happy to report that I'm very satisfied with it. Faith in Nature are a Scottish brand, well-known for their use of natural ingredients such as plants, herbs and essential oils. Their products are additive free, meaning that they do not contain parabens (a kind of preservative), artificial dyes, fragrances or coloring agents, nor do they have any praffin oil, animal by-product or synthetics in them, thus the ingredients list is very friendly: there aren't many ingredients to begin with and even those are very benign, not to mention each is explained in brackets. (For example ammonium-lauryl-sulphate: "Vegetable based cleaning agent".)

I bought the chocolate scented shampooo mainly for the olfactory delights it promises and I don't think it let me down in that area. It's not exactly chocolate but it certainly reminds me of the smell of a Hungarian chocolate biscuit made with honey. (A lot of help that is, I know...) I guess if I had to be creative I'd say it's a chocolate-honey-sherbet kinda scent, and you of course would have no idea what I'm talking about. The shampoo itself is much lighter than it is in the picture: it's a transparent, lemon-tea colored substance which is quite runny and very gentle with your hair.

The best thing about this shampoo is that it cleans my hair thoroughly and it has never been easier to detangle, and all that without any other products whatsoever. You see I've been wanting to give my conditioner a rest, because I felt that all the products I was using were taking their toll on my hair. I wanted to let my locks beathe and regenerate and I can finally do that with this shampoo. A word of advice though: try detangling your hair under running water using your fingers. It's much easier that way and especially so if you have thick wavy hair like me. (I'm not boasting or anything: it the worst hair that exists on the face of the Earth. It's shaggy, fizzy, and terribly unmanagable...)

I find that in order to make it lather up I need to use a bit more shampoo than I would like, but that could be written down to the insane amount of hair I've got. Still, as I said, I've been using this stuff since the 1st October (at least twice every week) and the bottle is still only a little less than halfway empty.

I'd love to try the seaweed shampoo or the one with jojoba next time and I'm also curious about their matching conditioners.

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Now I do! :-) That's really interesting considering that Switzerland is often considered the home of chocolate. But then prohibition always results in strong resistance which eventually gives birth to great achievments.

Hi Izar!

Unsure if you still check your email but if so...
I just read your notes about Faith in Nature products. There is a Hungarian website, called where you can check out all the Faith in Nature products and order your seaweed or jojoba shampoo and conditioner if you still would like to try them... :)

Hi there Anonymous!

But of course I check them! :-)

Thanks for the info: I actually know about that site. It is where I first turned to for more information on FIN products after I read about them on a forum and also where I found info on the stores that sell them.

I'm still interested in their products and I'm definitely going to buy more when I get some money. I'll probably try their Rosemary shampoo next and also their Seaweed conditiner. That chocolate soap is very tempting too. ;-)

Have a nice day!


where can u buy faith in nature hair products if u live in united states? thanks.

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