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I picked up a Swiss-O-Pair Hair Mask last week, but I only managed to try it today. According to the description it has wild rose extract in it which couldn't be more obvious when you put it on your freshly washed hair. The instant I applied it I was trasported back in time and space: it was as if I were standing in my Godmother's rose garden in the middle of summer, sniffing all those delightfuly fragrant flowers. Beside the mask working wonders for my hair, I've now fallen head over heels in love with the scent of rose. Again. I used to create my own perfume spray using rose and jasmine essential oils in the old days, but my precious jasmine oil was used up long ago (no other brand comes close to producing jasmine oil quite like it) and my tiny bottle of rose oil has sadly gone off. I could just buy rose oil again, but it's ridiculously expensive. Then again, it's still cheaper than Yves Rocher's Rose Absolue...

In any case, if someone would like to recommend a product (be it perfume, body lotion or anything else) that smells of roses (and preferably nothing else but roses) then she/he is very much welcome to do so. It doesn't matter if it's not available in Hungary: sometime in my life I'll probably get out of here and explore the wonders that cosmetic stores offer abroad. :-)

Take care everyone!

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