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Not many 10 ml samples are available in the stores and what I was really curious about (Almond Moisturising Face Cream) was ridiculously expensive. Finally I ended up with these:

  • Weleda Calendula Baby Cream
  • Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

I use the first one on my hands as it's quite thick and moisturising, and the second one is excellent for healing small cuts and scrapes because of the Calendula Flower extract it contains. All three products I've purchased so far are great for everyday use as they easily fit into my small cosmetic pouch and are practically lightweight. I guess I can say I'm pretty happy with my findings and will probably buy them again because they are so effective and practical.

By theway, StatCounter tells me that someone was curious about where to find Weleda products in Budapest. It may be a little too late now but here's a list of shops and addresses. Might just help someone, and these are ideal places to find many well-known natural brands too.

  • Bio ABC (Budapest, 1053, Múzeum kőrút 19.)
  • White Lotus Natural Cosmetics (Budapest, 1024, Keleti Károly utca 33.)
  • Bio Csemege (Budapest, 1085, József kőrút 25.)

These are the best, but you can find an extensive list of retailers on Weleda's Hungarian website here. An in case anyone reading this blog is planning to visit Hungary, go ahead an ask me for detailed directions. :-)  

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