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I went shopping today and after such a long time I am once again the happy owner of a tube of St. Ives Apricot Scub. Oh how I love this stuff... I don't know how I managed to exist without it for so long. I mean, the last time I had this was back in high school, meaning approximately 8-10 years ago. I remember I loved it back then too, but then the little explorer in me just wouldn't stay still and demanded that I try other scrubs as well. Since then I went through all kinds: LUSH, Alverde, Freeman, Garnier, and a Hungarian brand too, but nothing, I repeat nothing ever came close to this. Okay, maybe LUSH did. A bit. But seriously, I love the huge amount of scrubbing bit in this one, and the creamy-while-rough texture, and the smell and... Everything!

Only thing is, this is really something I can only use once a week because due to its roughness it's a bit irritating if used to often. It's not like the Alverde one which I could use every day: it has small, round bits of silica in it (sand, basically) which are exceptionally gentle with one's skin.

I'm off scrubbing my skin off... :-)

St. Ives.  

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