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I recently spent two week in our summer cottage and as I couldn't take my whole cosmetics collection with me (it does fill an entire cupboard and several additional drawers, you know) I only took an AVON Naturals traveling kit with me for washing purposes. It includes 50 ml bottles of the following:

  1. Vanilla&Soy Milk Shower Cream
  2. Vanilla&Soy Milk Body Lotion
  3. Mango&Ginger 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Coconut&Papaya Shower Cream
  5. Coconut&Papaya Body Lotion

During my stay, Hungary experienced the worst heatwave ever, and we measured a recort of 41.9 °C degrees (that's 170.42 in Fahrenheit), which was almost unbearable. Now the strange thing is that during this incredibly hot two weeks I was constantly drawn to the vanilla scented products in my kit, even though they have the most suffocating sugary sweet scent I've ever come across. I would never have thought that I would actually enjoy such a headache inducing smell in that sweltering hot weather but alas, I did. Also, for some reason I did not give me any headaches this time and I also avoided softer, fresher scents like the plague. I can't explain why, but it was pure heaven to smell like heavily sugared vanilla custard all day...

I wonder if anyone ever experienced such a thing before...  

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