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After having so much success with olive oil, I decided to use it on my body too. I concocted a delicious body scrub made up of ingredients that anyone may find in their kitchen.

Sweet And Rich Body Scrub:

- 4 spoonfuls of sugar

- 4 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil

- 1 teaspoonful of honey

- 1 teaspoonful of cocoa powder (just to make it even more yummy)

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply after showering.

Actually, what I did was put the ingredients into the bowl, take it into the bathroom with me, and just before using it, I mixed the ingredients with my hand 'cause I didn't have a plastic spoon at home, and I didn't want to use a metal one.

This is a really effective scrub, as it has one of Nature's the most beneficial oils in it, and also contains honey, which hydrates the skin, and sugar, which is an excellent polisher. Come to think of it, the added cocoa powder is not just there for the fun: cocoa poweder is said to have a very good effect on skin, it contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy complexion.

Have fun scrubbing!


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