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This Saturday I decided to try something new. I heard many times what miracles hair treatments and masks are claimed to do to damaged and over-processed hair but I was always sceptical about them. After all, you wash your hair, put the treatment on, leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then finally you wash the whole thing down. Also, we are often told that hair is basically a dead thing and nothing can actually penetrate it, not to mention stay in it, after being washed and rinsed. So yeah, as I said I was sceptical.

Not any more though. I concocted a recipe cosisting of 3 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoonful of honey, one drop of rosemary and ylang-ylang oil each and I added what was left of my LUSH 'Retread' hair conditioner. Then, I applied it to my hair, wrapped it up in a warm towel, and let it work for an hour. After the time was up, I gently washed it again once and applied conditioner then rinsed it one more time. After patting it dry with a towel I even applied some more olive oil to the ends and smoothed my palms over my head. Finally, I let it dry naturally without blow-drying it.

My hair is middle length, brown, wavy (and sometimes on the brink of curly), and overall it is ridiculously difficult to tame. Well not anymore. As it kept drying it became curly without any frizz and shiny without being heavy and limp. It was (and still is after two days) perfectly managable and ultra-soft.

All in all, it has been a surprisingly pleasant experience and I'm pretty certail I'll be treating my hair with this mixture from now on.


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