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My first product from Bourjois, a French cosmetics company was a triple eyeshadow compact that had three beautiful golden colors in it: a light shimmery beige, a sparkly gold and a deep, rich bronze. I loved it, but back then I didn't use much make-up, so I never used it all up. Nowadays, however, I got into Bourjois products again, and I find them the best I've ever tried. The colors are wearable, intensive and each product has a lot of pigment in it, which means that they all last for ages. They have some shades which I find perfect for day-wear, and of course there are other colors meant to be worn for a party.

Now the only catch is, that these products were discontinued in Hungary for a while, meaning that I couldn't get my hands on any, just when I was dying to try them. Recently, however, our local Marionnaud stores signed a contract with Bourjois allowing them to sell the procucts. This is great, but what's even greater is that the store that used to sell them earlier now has a discount on all the remaining products. This means that a lip gloss that usually costs 15$ can now be purchased for 3 bucks!!! That's insane! Anyway, apart from nail polishes, which cost even less, we can now buy each product for 3$! Why of course I had to stock up... :-)

My Mum and I went shopping yesterday, and I got these:

Effet 3D Lip Gloss (I got four shades: Tomette Exotic; Or Euphoric; Rose Angélic; Charamel Ethnic)

Very Vernis nail polish (Bought five shades: Pailette Party; Champagne Irisé; Or Irrél; Rose Limited; Rose Fashion)

Suivez Mon Regard eye-shadow powder (shade: Regard Bleu Rosé)

Pastel Teint Essentiel Pressed powder (shade: Sablé)

Lévres Contous lip liner (shade: Enjóleuse)

Pour La Vie lipstick (shade: Rouge Soir Pour Stars)

Effet Glossé Mouillé wet look mascara (a transparent gel with loots of midnight blue shimmer in it)

Soin Fortificant des Cils eyelash conditioner

I am absolutely dazed by all the quality stuff I got for so little money. And I think it's gonna last for ages, but then again, maybe not, as these are definitely wearable shades and I'll probably be using exclusively these from now on. I love all of them, and will probably review them in my next few posts.

Here, take a look:  

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