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Recently I came across several examples of what is called a "beauty-blog" and I immediately began contemplating the possibilities of having my own. *scratches head* Lemme see... It would mean that I can finally rant about all the gorgeous stuff I find in my favourite beauty stores every day, and I wouldn't have to suffer the more-than-unpleasant consequences of talking about this little obsession of mine with Mum! She simply doesn't understand why a girl would need more than one lipgloss (if at all), or would want to use eyelash curlers, and Heaven forbid, even spend money on them. Oh well... It would also mean I could practice my English (at least in writing), and maybe even make some friends on the Net.

So here I am, ready to share my findings with you, and tell you about the cosmetic products I use and all the home-made recipes I come up with to make myself look acceptable. By the way, I'm a university student living in Hungary, so English is not my native tongue (although my major is English), which should explain some of the mistakes in my posts. (Not typos though...) I'm interested in teaching, music, webdesign, art and obviously, cosmetics. My art can be found on my deviantART account.

I've never written a blog before, I only have a journal on devART, and I'm not very active on the Internet, meaning I'm mostly lurking around sites I like, just checking them out every now and then and reading the contents. Still, if anyone is interested in this blog, I'd be very happy to receive your feedback and talk to you all.


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