Nesti Dante Blackcurrant and Grapes soap  

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I've been eyeing this soap ever since I saw the chocolaty version in the Hungarian ELLE magazine. Unfortunately I never managed to hunt that one down but found that Douglas carries a small selection of these soaps. In the end I bought the Blackcurrant and Grapes scented version and another one with tons of lavender in it for my Mum.

Mine doesn't actually remind me of either blackcurrant or grapes but it has a heavenly smell which I can best describe as 'clean'. Sure, soaps usually smell clean you would say but just think about LUSH and all its heavily scented soaps and you'll understand why I was so pleasantly surprised. It's been a while since I met a soap that just smelled of 'soap' and 'cleanliness', not to mention one that beside all these managed to retain a certain uniqueness or an 'edge' to it.

Well, this one did. Taking a shower with this soap after coming in from under the scorching rays of the Sun feeling all sweaty and anything but clean is pure joy. It has such a refreshing smell: not really powdery but more like a pile of freshly washed laundry mixed with only pinch of fruitiness. I won't say 'yummy' because I only reserve that term for foody scents but I'll definitely say 'Excellent!' whenever I use this.

NestiDante is an Italian brand which should be available in Douglas stores and health stores. Get yourselves one if you have the chance. It's delicious!


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