Still Alive; Getting Well Is Just a Matter of Days  

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Hey girls!

First I'd like to thank Sagu, The Seeker, Sandra and Nimphetamin for their kind words and encouragement. I love you girls!

About my absence since I came back: the 30 °C difference between the temperature in Alanya and Budapest (42 °C and 12 °C respectively) has left me with a nasty cold I've been trying to get rid of, as I only have two weeks to get into tip-top condition for a trade fair our company will participate in in Belgrade, Serbia.

I'll be brief because I really have to get back to bed. :)

  • Flying was great and I can't wait to do it again!

  • I'm officially head over heels in love with the sea. ^_^

  • This one week in Alanya was the best team-building activity ever! Not only do I get along much better with the people I traveled with, but I'm also a lot more comfortable with those who stayed at home (and are staying in Alanya this week). I am very grateful to my boss for inviting me.

  • On a (not-so-) totally random note: dolphins are amazing! :-D

  • Detailed post about our trip coming soon! (With pictures!)

  • On a totally random note: Shut the h*ll up, Inez!!!!!! (Have I managed to pique your curiosity yet? I swear I'll explain soon... :-)))

Bye for now but see you very soon!

Lots of love,

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Welcome back! I'm glad your vacation rocked. I'me super curious about that last sentence...
Travelling is great! The day after tomorrow I'll be travelling myself...


Yes, welcome back!!
Sounds you had a lot of fun, how great, dear.
Curious about your feelings for the sea and to see pictures.

Hope you feel great and happy, dearest.


Hi Izar,

Glad to see you're back, I've been wondering what happened to you. Obviously everything went fine, it was just me worrying too much...

So your trip to Turkey was a lovely and smooth one? That's great. Don't worry about having lack of time to update the blog, we haven't forgotten you and we all understand life can get quite in its way(and I've been busy too, though my job is only half time). While you have time, maybe you should post some pictures of the sea(don't forget my passion about the oceans) and Turkey, yes, especially Turkey cause I'm also curious about how it looks like.

Days are getting colder, take good care of yourself and beware of catching a cold again. :-)

Love and hugs,

Great to have you back, Izar, and thanks for your kind words ;) Same here :)
I can't wait to see pictures and read about your great vacation!

Sandra: Hehe, no offense to any of the Inezes out there, but the one we traveled with was a real menace. :-D
Do tell us about your own trip too, 'kay? Where did you go? I'm curious?

Seeker: If everything goes well, I'll put together a post on Friday or during the weekend. I hope you're doing great too! *hug*

Spookuur: Yup, I'm okay, just got caught up in a lot of things since I came back. (A nasty cold being one of them...) I'll definitely post pictures, though I have to confess I was too busy having fun (or being sick...) to take pics. :-D I'll share what I have though. :)

Nimphetamin: Weeee! *glomp* :-D I'll put together that post if it's the last thing I do. :-D

Hey dearest! I'm so glad you're ok. I was a bit worried, thought something bad might have happened since you went poof all of a sudden. Glad to see it's just your normal everyday stuff that keeps you from posting and not something worse! I still have that package to send to you, just need the address :) Hope we'll catch un soon via email. Just send a sign when you feel up to it.
Oh, and get well soon!
Lots of hugs!

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