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Hi guys! (And especially Nimphetamine and Epurica! ;-))

I'm very-very sorry for disappearing on you like that, but the past few months have been incredibly hectic for me. Lots of stuff happened, not all of it good, and it had managed to drain me of my usual creativity.
A couple of my students from a multinational I used to teach at have also called me back to teach them again, so I have a lot less time nowadays than I used to.

Remember when I got my job? Back then I said that from then on I'd have all the time in the world to blog. Yeah, right... It seems life always has something in store for us.

On the brighter side of things, I'm heading to Turkey today for a week-long holiday courtesy of my boss who takes the staff on a holiday every year. :-) We're going to Alanya, and we're going by plane. (!!!) It's going to be the first time I fly, so I'm all jittery and have wobbly feet... ^_^ Wish me luck! (Especially because I was the one who organized our trip, so if anything goes wrong, it'll be my hide my colleagues hang on the drier...)

On a more serious note: I know I owe people things (e.g.: a package, e-mails, responses...etc.), and I will get to them when I return from Turkey next week. I didn't intend to disappear like that, but for a long time I really didn't have the energy to deal with non-serious stuff (such as a beauty-blog).

I'll probably also start blogging again in the future, though I'm not sure in what form and how often yet.

Once again, I'm very sorry for neglecting my blog and my friends like that, but this time real life had to take precedence over the fun stuff.

Lots of love,

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Hi Izar! So nice to hear that you're alive :) I really understand how you feel, I also owe you a package, my summer has been unbelievably hectic, but I swear I'm going to send it someday!

Have a great time in Turkey and don't worry about the flight, it's not that bad. ;) Looking forward to your email!


Hey Sagu!

Thanks! I know flying is great, and I'll probably enjoy it after a while, but right now I just can't convince myself that I'll make it alive. :-D I'll get over it... :)

Don't worry about the package, you'll send it when you have time. :) I owe you a guided tour around Budapest anyway. *blushes*

Will e-mail you soon!

Hi Izar!

I'm glad you are back, I was starting to get worried. Have a holiday in Turkey!


Hi dear Izar!!!
So nice to know that you're ok, doing much things and having fun!!!
That's fantastic.

Much love, darling


Hey, Izar! It's so nice to read a new post from you, I missed you so much! I completely understand what you are going through, as I myself left the blog for a while and felt completely awful for neglecting it. But I had some days off and I tried to catch up:)
Have a great trip in Turkey and a safe trip, I'm pretty sure you'll love flying, it's a great sensation!
Kisses and hugs!

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