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So today I got home with a splitting headache, which is weird considering that my head hurts perhaps once a year, and even then it's only because I bumped it into something...It only started when I left my workplace for the day and was all the more strange because there hadn't been anything stressful going on today. In fact, I can safely say it was a pretty neat day: I've been starting to get the hang of things lately and have been having the chance to teach again, so things are looking good. :-)

Anyway, by the time I got home I was desperate for something to pamper myself with and I had just the thing: a 15 ml packet of Schäbens' Schoko Mask I bought in Müller a while back. I had been putting off trying it, never deeming the time right to give myself over to the joys of a chocolate mask, but for someone who's totally not used to having her head being slowly split in two, a full-blown headache is justification enough to run around the house looking like an Oompa-Loompa for 15 minutes. (Just to stay on topic... :-))

Schäbens' Chocolate Mask is a strange little thing: the front of the packet already had me laughing. It says that the mask "tastes delicious". Now if it said the mask smells delicious, that I would understand. I mean we all like our cosmetics to have a delectable fragrance, but very rarely do we want them to double as a midnight snack too. However, one glance at the INCI list told me I probably wouldn't be worse off if I ingested the stuff, and being the little glutton that I am, I just couldn't resist the invitation. ;-P

One tiny lick later I can tell you that it really does taste delicious (a bit like chocolate ganache), but you'll probably be better off if you put it on your face instead of in your mouth. ;-) By the way, it smells heavenly too: it'll instantly transport you into the world of chocolate rivers, cocoa fountains and whipped cream mushrooms. :)

About the product and its benefits for skin: it's a very thick, buttery substance and somewhat difficult to rinse off completely. (I only managed to reduce the amount of mask residue on my face to an acceptable level with a terrycloth towel...) My skin has been pretty oily these days, so it didn't really appreciate being slathered with what pretty much qualifies as fragrant grease in my books, but people with dry skin might end up loving this stuff. It's rich, it's nourishing, and it leaves a protective layer of cocoa and coconut butters on your skin.

Did it manage to make the trolls with the big hammers get out of my head? As a matter of fact, it did. ;-)

Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: around 250 HUF (~1 EUR / 1.3 USD) for a 15 ml satchel
Available: in Müller stores
Ingredients: see above  

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Izar: :-)

Glad to see a post about mask, which is also one of the beauty items that I've never used. :-S

Now that you've already used it, did you notice some remarkable change of your skin? I actually don't know how masks work in general, do people expect speedy result after only one application or is it a durable beauty project? And is this brand Schäbens only available in Müller? Cause we have no Müller, either (not very surprising, right? -_-). But if it really is that good (seeing the "ÖKO Test sehr gut" is a relief to me, cause the Germans are rather strict on this matter ^_^), then I'm planning on buying it too considering the fact that I have to go to Germany anyway in May for Alverde's LE (beautiful baked blushes and lipglosses!^O^).

Love and hugs,

Hey Fan! :-)

I've always been a bit skeptical about masks: they're nice if you have the opportunity to lie down with a nice mask on your face, wind down, and let the muscles in your face relax. If the mask is any good, then after you've washed the mask off, your skin will probably look smooth, almost as if it has been ironed. That is until the first time you scrunch up your face, at which point things will go back exactly to how they were before... :-)))

Seriously though, there are some excellent masks on the market that really do help in getting your skin in shape (Bioderma, Shiseido), but I've been able to achieve the same (if not better) results with home-made concoctions. Hmm, I guess I should write a post about them very soon. ;-)

Even though it's cheap, I would not recommend you try this mask: aside the lovely fragrance, it didn't do anything for my skin. It's sticky, really greasy and thick and I don't see how it could improve my skin in any way. Even Balea masks are better and they're available in DM stores, where you're heading to in May anyway.

I'd say you try some home-made masks: some of them are really impressive. ;) I like to experiment and try new things every once in a while, but in the long run, having a good skincare regimen, applying products that perform well consistently, following a healthy lifestyle and sleeping enough will do your skin a lot more good than masks. Also, if you ever have the chance (and the money), try a hyaluronic-acid concentrate: now that will definitely give you instant results. (E.g.: Skinceuticals B5 gel, Lierac Mésolift Concentrate)

Unfortunately, up until now I've only seen Schäbens in Müller stores here in Hungary, but I really don't know if perhaps it's available outside of Müller in Belgium.

I saw those LE items from Alverde too: I hope they'll be available in Hungary too. :)

Lots of love,

Hi Izar!

I'm sorry taht this mask wasn't "The One" for you. Which one did you try from Shiseido? I have the moisturizing mask but unfortunately it's full of silicon. Right now I would like to try Yves Rocher, I'm really curious about their masks - and they always have some kind of promotion. :-)
Btw, yesterday I used the sample of MD lotion that you gave to me, and I was was very pleased with the result. It sinks in really fast, it's non-greasy, and moisturizes the skin really well.

Hey Ladybird!

I'm so glad you're feeling better! *hug* I read how ill you were on the Krémmárka thread: it must have been awful, especially when it's spring already and there are way better things for a girl to do than be ill.

I tried the exact same Shieido mask you have: guess who gave me a sample about a year ago. ;-D
True, it's full of silicones, but I still tried it (that stuff about curiosity and some cat is really just a myth, right? :))), and I could see the difference when I washed it off: my skin was smoother, lines less deep. I used the rest as an eye cream during the winter (esp. when I was starting to introduce tretinoin into my routine and my eye area was a mess): it worked great and managed to reduce the otherwise Grand Canyon sized wrinkles around my eyes. :)

I'm so glad you like the Shielding Lotion! I'd be happy to give you more if you like it, just let me know, okay? ^_^

Take care,

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