Labello Fruity Shine Lipbalm in Strawberry  

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I've already talked about how Labello has recently managed to redeem itself in my eyes with one of its lipbalms from their new Fruity Shine line. I really love my Dragonfruit lipbalm and have been using it more often than my Silk Naturals lippies (heresy!), but I was also curious if other products from the same line would manage to perform just as well.

Now I've been trying to achieve this "just-ate-a-lollypop" look practically ever since I started using makeup and was particularly adamant in my wish to be able to get it by using one single product. Sure, I could always go and put on untinted lipbalm, after which I could meticulously apply the correct amount of lipstick (that which would only give my lips a nice sheer tint but no actual coverage), but who the heck wants to go to all that trouble at least five times a day, and more importantly, who the heck can? I certainly can't (and won't), so I am all the more grateful to Fan for introducing me to Labello's Fruity Shine line. You see their strawberry lipbalm is IT. The lippie that helps me create the highly coveted lollypop-look in approximately two swipes. Eeeeeasy. And I just love easy. Actually, don't we all? :-)

I suggest that if you're curious about other things than what this lipbalm looks like, you go and read my post on the dragonfruit version: they perform the same way, weigh and cost just as much, and have the same gel-like texture that feel sort of cushion-y on my lips and don't dry them (unlike Labello's previous attempts).

For now, just glue your eyes to the screen and watch as I show you exactly what I mean when I say this lippie is perfect (and is totally HG material). ;-)

Ah, the typical Labello packaging... :)

It may seem over-the-top, but it really isn't. Rest assured, it won't turn your lips that scary fire-engine red.

See? Pretty sheer. ;-)

And it packs a mean punch when it comes to shine. L-O-V-E

Yup, the ingredients are important too. :)

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Izar: :-)

This is such a lovely and hi-shine red! Looks super watery and moisturising! You see, sometimes the things that work well for us are usually the cheapest and easily available around us (you have no idea how many fans Labello got in Holland, as a collection of 30 Labellos is merely considered a starter's level. Click here for an example! ^_^) And I'm glad you found faith in Labello again! :-D

I've just checked their website, they have a new variation called Angel Star and it's available in Hungary (but not in Belgium, again -_-)! Could you please check it out which flavour it is? :-)

Love this post!^O^


The shade of it looks just right, I love how it can work with all different skin tones :) I like it!

Spookuur, 30 Labellos? Oh. My God. :-))) I'm an amateur. :-)
Izar, finally i have found a Labello with Dragonfruit as well, and it's really good! But the other Labello I tried, the one with passionfruit isn't so great - sure it looks good, but it dries my lips. :-(

Hey Spookuur: I know, right? I just knew I was going to love it. :-) It's sheer, it's red, what more could I ask for? Oh yeah, and it costs a little more than 2 bucks. :-D

About that mind-boggling collection of every imaginable Labello that's ever been made: I can only repeat what Ladybird said. Oh. My. God. My entire lippie collection pales in comparison to that. Also, I checked out Labello's Hungarian website and it doesn't say anything about the flavor of Angel Star. You know what that means, right? Yeah. I'll just have to grab me one and see how it tastes. :-DDD

Hi Kay: Thanks! It's a universally flattering color really as it's sheer and a very simple red. It looks good on my light olive skin and would totally look good on someone with a cooler skintone too. :)

Ladybird: Yay, you've found it! And more importantly you like it too! :-))) I was planning to ask you about the pomegranate one, but I guess I won't be buying it anytime soon then. How do the two INCI lists compare? Is there a difference in the ingredients that would explain why they don't perform the same way? What's the color like?

Btw, good news everybody: I got the Adorned With Grace order I placed two weeks ago! *does the happy dance* I had thought that with all the commotion the volcano was causing it might not get here at all, but I was wrong. I already love my pencil brush to death. :-D We'll see about the foundations when I get a chance to inspect them in daylight.

Adorned with grace? Hm....You find sooo many good mineral make-up sites! :-) What are your experiences with the others, that you wrote about? Do you have somewhere the links? I would like to check them out - my EM foundation is very good but it's running low and I would like to try something new. :-)

Labello: I will check the INCI and get back to you! ;)

Hey Ladybird!

Here's the link to AWG's website. ;-) Besides the foundation samples, I also got their Premium Smudger Eyeshadow Brush and it was love at first sight. Okay, first stroke. :)

I still have to test their foundations a bit, but I'm hoping to find my match among them. Coverage is a tad stronger than that of EDM's Intensive formula, but it's nothing a good moisturizer, regular exfoliating and some finishing powder won't solve.

I really love the Fruity Shine line, but it always seemed a little acidic and harsh on my lip line. I just went through the ingredients and good God I was right about the acidic part, there is citric acid in there! The quantity of it in the balm is probably very small, but the Labello still dries my lip line out! :(

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