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Guys, this is just a short update to let you know that I came down with the flu on Wednesday last week and have been having a high temperature and the sore throat of the century since then. I swear I haven't felt this miserable in years and still need some time before I can get up from bed, not to mention put together a blog post.

Please bear with me; I'm really trying to pull myself together, but no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to work. Urgh...

Till then, have a nice week everybody!  

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You poor thing! :( I've been having a flu for a week or so now, but it's a bearable one. You sound so miserable! I hope you get better soon. *hug*

P.S. Maybe you should cheer yourself up by ordering some makeup? I got my Fyrinnae order and I can tell you, everything is gorgeous.

Hey Izar,

I am sorry you feel so bad. Watch some movies or read books in bed with warm delicious tea. ^_^ Hope you'll feel better soon!

I wanted to tell you ...I've recently started my blog, and shamelessly stole your idea of a Cosmetic ID. Hope you don't mind to much.

Hugs from across the border :)

Get well soon, dear Izar: kisses and hugs.

Hey girls! Thanks a bunch for your well-wishes, I'm feeling much better now. :-) Turns out I only had to change the antibiotic I was taking...

Sagu, I'd love to order, but I'm going on a business trip to Nuremberg in two weeks and I have absolutely nothing to wear/pack into/put on my feet, so I have to go shopping for that first (suits, shoes, suitcase, etc...) But I already have so many companies on my list, it'll be a wonder if I get to try them by the end of the year. :D

Hey Ale M! I practically drowned in tea this week, but it was worth it. ;-)

Congratulations for your new blog, btw! Actually, that Cosmetic ID is being "shamelessly stolen" a lot these days: I stole the idea from Sagu, 'cause I think it's brilliant. :-D

Thank you Nimphetamin!

Hugs and kisses to all of you!

OMG!i've always loved ut blog, can't believe i'm in ur blogroll!

Thanks Camelcutza!

Sure thing, after all, I'm in your blogroll too. ;-)
I'd been thinking about how to give a shout-out to all my Romanian friends, and I finally came up with the idea of the Romanian Corner. Hope you like it. :-)

I check all of your blogs from time to time too, just to see what's hot over in the neighborhood, and I suppose I manage to understand most of it with Google Translate. They're all very cool blogs, very informative, and your pictures sometimes say more than a thousand words. :)

Hey, Izar:)! How are you? I hope you you are better now, I felt so sorry for you being ill (:.
How is work? How do you enjoy your new job so far? I'd like to see Nuremberg too, please tell us about your trip when you'll return.

Ps. Pepita thanks you for your compliments and says that you are lovely too:).

Hugs and kisses from Karen and Pepita :)

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