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... with a truck load of samples and brochures. Okay, so I only had my Lavera bag full, but oh boy, oh boy, I'm gonna have so many things to review!!! (Like I don't already...)

Anyway, Nuremberg was beautiful, the city is amazing with all its churches and old little houses, our hotel was great, its restaurant offering delicious food, and last but not least we've also managed to form some great business relationships and do a good job promoting our organic products.

We got back Monday afternoon, but I'm still bummed and I didn't even have to drive 8 hours... We had a pretty intense day in the office yesterday preparing for an inspection (I can't say my job is all fun and games...), but I'm hoping things will settle down a bit, at least for a while. There's going to be another trip soon (by plane this time: my stomach is already churning whenever I think about it), but at least I'll be able to test all the samples I have.

By the way, my skin went haywire last week: I've been using tretinoin for about a month and it totally cleared my skin up by the time we left for Nuremberg. A few days after I got there, however, I started getting these little red bumps on my skin, some turning into real zits, especially on my forehead. It's clearing up now, but I'd really like to know what had caused it. Food? Stress? Silicone? (Indeed, I'm guilty...) Fabric-softener in the pillowcase? Weird things in the water? What?

Almost a year ago I promised myself that if my skin clears up, I'll get my ears pierced (like I've been wanting to all my life). I was just about to look for a salon and now this...

Anywhooooo, here are some pics of my loot. Besides the incoherent rambling you've just suffered through, these photos are the only things I can churn out right now.

The cute "little" Lavera cotton bag I got at their stand. It's going to serve me perfectly as a shopping bag.

Just to name a few well-known brands: Aubrey Organics, Dr Bronner's Magic Soap, Lavera, Logona, Sante, Weleda. Some not-so-well-known ones (for me at least): Farfalla, Kanope, NeoBio, Heliotrop, Tropicai, Styx.
Many of the little brochures in the foreground also contain samples.

One more pic. :-)
(Btw, the Alverde conditioner and the Essence hand-cream aren't from Vivaness. I got them in the DM next to our hotel.)

Gotta go and wash my hair (and try Lavera's shampoo sample while at it), but do let me know what you've been up to last week or maybe even what you'd like me to review first. :)

Love all of you to bits,

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Hi dear Izar.
Nice to know you're back, did you have fun, despite what happened to your skin?

Take care sweetie, all the best



Hey Seeker!

Yeah, it was fun, especially when I had to talk to clients and do some preliminary negotiations. :-) We also did some sightseeing on Tuesday and Sunday; I'll try to post pictures, but they're kinda lame as my cell-phone is designed for playing music and not really for photographing. Anyway it was a great experience and I have lots of fond memories of the place. Btw, German people are really-really nice! :-)

You take care too my dear Seeker!

Lots of love,

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