Short Update (Pssst: I got a job!!!)  

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Hello dear Readers!

Long time no see! Yeah, it's my fault again... *blushes like crazy*

But... Guess what:

I got a job!!!!

I'd been job-hunting since September, the month when I finally decided to quit being an entrepreneur (and English-teacher) and find myself a nice 8-hour job with a place to hang up my coat and put my bum. :-)

I am now the personal assistant of a sales manager and really-really enjoy being able to learn something new and not freeze to death for a minimum of 4 hours a day... (That's how much time I used to spend traveling from one company to another.) Now I even get to go abroad and assist in our participation in a trade fair. Yay! (How much I'm actually going see of the city is an entirely different matter though... Probably not much. [EDIT 2010.02.24: Scratch that. :-) It was awesome and Nuremberg is one of the most gorgeous cities I've ever been to! ^_^ I certainly hope to visit it again sometime in the future.])

What made me write today were two girls from a Romanian forum who are, in all likelihood, bound to read this sometime or another. :)

Thank you Nymphe and Karen! :-)

Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog; I'm truly happy you like it. ^_^ You made me want to write this now because I'm not a member of your forum, this place is the only way I can communicate with you, and I desperately wanted to thank you and tell you how much your Google-translated words meant to me. I'd like to make good use of the occasion and thank all my other readers too who have been following my blog: perhaps just silently visiting, or commenting, or even writing me an e-mail asking for help (like a lovely girl from Brazil did yesterday :).

Since I know you're looking forward to the next review, I can probably tell you and all my other readers that it's going to appear on Saturday or Sunday and will be a review of some brushes I got during these last months. (Silk Naturals' Fiber Optic Blush Brush and some Coastal Scents ones.) Oh, and it's gonna have pictures too. ;-)

My job is pretty good from a blogger's point of view: I don't bring my work home, get away pretty early, and from the moment I get home I can concentrate on my hobbies fully and hopefully blog more often from now on. We'll see. I certainly have enough material, and there's another Silk Naturals order on its way to me.

Have a nice weekend everybody!  

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Dear Itzar, this is Nimphe :) I just wanted to check your blog and when I found there was a new post, I was so excited. But I was more excited to see my name there, this is why I decided to write to you and congratulate on your blog, your reviews, your way of writing and everything. This blog is great and I recommended it to many of my friends. Thanks to your blog, I found out about so many interesting online shops. I can't wait to read the article about brushes, because I've just decided to get some from Coastal Scent.
Maybe I'll write you more often.
Best wishes from here :)

Hey Nimph!

I just can't get over your name on Blogger, it's so cool! :-D

Your comment has totally made my day, and I hope I'll be able to live up to the trust you have in me. You can probably expect to discover many more online shops through my blog (unless, of course, you know them already), 'cause I'm planning to place a few orders at some that I too discovered through beauty-blogs or forums. (Gosh, I can't wait until payday!! :-D)

Anyway, please do write me more often, I'd love to stay in touch with you and hear your opinions on the products you've tried too. *hug*


Hello, Izar, this is Karen :). I am so happy for you, congrats about the new job!
I was very excited when I see you read what me and Nimphe wrote about your blog on the Romanian forum and you answer us here, on your blog!You have such a nice and very interesting blog, I am looving it!

I am wishing you all the best with your new job and I am hoping to "see" you soon.


Hi Karen!

Woah, you girls are quick! :-DDD

Seriously though, thank you for the well-wishes, I guess I'm very lucky to have got a job in this economic situation. :-)

Also, you're both absolute dolls for dropping by and commenting, I'd love to "see" you soon too. ;-)
Really glad you like my blog too; people like you gals keep me going.

And if I've managed to make two new friends, I guess I owe that to StatCounter: it does come in handy sometimes. :-D


First of all, congrats for your new job! Go get them and enjoy it!
Secondly, I was thinking to give my blog a third chance, but I'll change its name and purpose. And this is, of course, thanks to you. There I hope you'll read my own reviews and other interesting stuff.
It's so nice to know that people read you, believe in you and trust your opinions.
And, definitely, it's such a great way to get to know a lot of people, online shops, products and so on. Not to mention how many friends one can get!
Read you soon :)

Good look with your new job!

I'm so happy for you my dear Izar!!!!!!

Wish you all the best, much love


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