Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz Look  

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Just look at her face and make-up!

Even though we don't have Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in Hungary (We finally do: as of the second half of June, 2008, the Bobbi Brown brand has been available here too!), and so I cannot say anything useful about her new Pink Quartz Collection, I simply had to post this picture because it is so gorgeous. If I could be born again and pick myself a new face, I think I would choose to to look like the model here and purchase all the items in that collection. Just about everything is perfect about this look: her harmonious face, the browns and pinks blended together in such an artistic way, her blue eyes contrasting with all those warm colors, and even her hair with those thin little whisps of golden locks.


Also, take a look at these three lip glosses from the same collection:

I think I would give just about anything to own these... Perhaps I could do without that pale pink one on the left, or even without the dark red in the middle (although it does look very tempting, I'm not sure I could pull it off), but certainly not without that delicious sugary-caramel shade on the right. *yet another sigh*
Take a good look at them here.  

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