Things I Love Thursday #3  

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Sometimes even the prospect of good things to come can make me happy. Like yesterday, when I discovered another German blog full of really nice reviews and swatches.

[I'm on a roll nowadays: I've realized that 1.) there are excellent German blogs out there reviewing brands that are actually available here in Hungary, and 2.) with a good dictionary and some time invested I usually manage to understand 100% of what they're saying. It seems like all those German lessons weren't for nothing after all.]

On Innen&Außen I found tons of pretty new Alverde products that I've never seen before, but I'm hoping to find at least some of them in our DM drugstores eventually.

♥ ♥ ♥

  1. The new Alverde Clear product line: All right, it is already here in Hungary, but I haven't managed to get a hold of their moisturizer and mask yet, which irks me to no end. :-D I do, however, own the cleanser and will soon write a review about it. (It's very good actually.)

  2. Alverde shower gel with chocolate and peppermint (or moroccan mint?): Despite my hatred for all thing minty, I absolutely adore After Eight (or any kind of mint thins for that matter), so it's really no wonder I should jump with joy at the mere knowledge that such an Alverde shower gel exists. Thus I'm begging whichever deity concerns him/herself with such flimsy and profane things as the avilability of certain cosmetic brands in Hungary that it be brought in here soon (my arbitrarily set deadline is December 1), or I won't be held responsible for the things I do... *ominous glare*

  3. Alverde hand cream with cranberry and a shower cream with macadamia nut oil: A dream come true really: a hand cream from Alverde that doesn't smell like calendula and lard, and a shower cream that might actually be able to lock in some moisture... :) (Also, check out the new palettes!)

  4. A new eyeliner set (gel liner and bent brush): I've always wanted to try a liquid eyeliner so here's the opportunity to do so. By the way, I find that brush particularly appealing.

  5. New haircare products: There's a line with green coffee for fine hair, then one with avocado and grapes for people with coarse and over-processed hair, and another with walnuts and maroon for brunettes, and finally one that contains honey and hopflower recommended for blondes. A hairmask with lemon-flower and apricot has also been introduced: it's meant to help people with brittle and lustreless hair.

  6. Some fascinating makeup products: This round-headed mascara, for example (Givenchy has something like this I think), and a lip-plumper and a lip-base.
    (Quite frankly none of the above intrigue me that much, but we'll see...)

  7. Oh and check this out: Alverde nail-polish! This might just be the beginning of a new trend. :)

A big thank you for the author of Innen&Außen for the excellent Alverde posts and swatches!  

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Hi lovely Izar!!!!!
Hope everything is great with you.
Hmmm..... seems very nice your loved things ;)

Take care sweetie.
Lots of love


Hey Izar!
I bought the liner brush today, and You was the first thing that came into my mind when I first used it :) It costs only 700huf, and a very great brush, get one before they run out :) There was a lot of new things in the DM but I didn't take a look at the others, but the mascara sounds great too :)

Hi Seeker!

Lovely to hear from you!
Yeah, I'm fine, mostly hanging out in our summer cottage waiting for the course I applied for to start late in October.
Indeed, I can hardly wait to see them in our DM stores. :-D

Take care dear.
Love and kisses,

Hey Bagaela!

So good to see you here! I do hope you're doing well these days. *hug*

OMG, did you really see that brush??? I simply must run tomorrow and get one too, what with such a great price and quality. :D Thanks for the heads-up!


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