Happy New Year!  

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I'm sitting here with a minor headache (which feels major only because my head hurts about once every three years and I'm not used to it...), but I still can't stop snickering every time I think of my brief encounter with the postman who came by this morning to deliver a much anticipated parcel full of Everyday Minerals stuff.

At 9 in the morning I was shaken awake by the sound of the doorbell and my Mum shouting at me to "open that friggin' door already". (She was taking a shower.) I fell out of bed and stumbled to the door listening to repeated and very frustrated knocks and bell chimes all the while. It sounded as if whoever was at our door was at the very least trying to find shelter from a pack of mad pitbulls. When I finally threw a bathrobe over my nightgown and managed to open the door, I found myself face to face with a thin, nervous looking little man in dark-green and red uniform and our next door neighbors, an elderly couple. Aforementioned couple were looking at me inquisitively and enjoying their rare opportunity of seeing a disgruntled, half-awake neighbor with tousled hair and bleary eyes stare at the world with absolutely no sign of comprehension in her eyes.

The little man in the green uniform turned out to be a rather overzealous "substitute" postman who, when we didn't manage to open our door in 0.001 nanoseconds, apparently decided to bug the couple and deliver that d*mn package to someone today, whatever it may take. In the end, I took the package, thanked him, we politely wished each other (and the still smirking neighbors) a very happy new year and then I finally retreated into our flat, dancing a victory dance over my chubby little parcel.

Just a little something to brighten the last (otherwise dishearteningly dull and grey) day of 2008. :-)

Take a sneak peek at the contents:

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Happy New Year my dear wishing you all the best for you and family.
Lots of love


Hope you're having a fab 2009 so far! Thank you so much for your NY wishes!

I see that you took advantage of that 17$ limit for bonus goodies! Me too :) But I'm still waiting for my order to arrive and I also ordered an eyebuki :) Great minds think alike hehe! What a fantastic selection of blushes. Can't wait for your review!

xo Grayburn

Thank your Seeker! I wish you the same. :-)


Hi Grayburn!

Yup, all's well with me. :)

The discount and the goodies were just too good to pass up. I tried all the blushes yesterday (just think of all the makeup remover I used up...), and they're absolutely gorgeous! Right now I'm waiting for a sunny day when I can take some shots.

The eye-kabuki was a great buy, I can already see that: it's perfect for appplying base-colors on my lids, and it also doubles as a nifty little concealer brush. (It does miracles for my under-eye circles.)

I hope you'll like your order too! What did you get, BTW?


Hey Izar!

Funny, I'm planning to order from EM to replace my nearly empty foundation jar, but I HAVE TO wait until I see the blushes on Your skin...;) :D
Ouh, and happy new year!


Hey Bagaela!

Wow, you're putting a lot of responsiblity on my shoulders, you know, but I do appreciate it. ;-)

I'll try to take those shots as soon as I can. Let's hope the sun'll come out a bit so that I can do some swatches.
They're all very beautiful and I hope I'll be able to do them justice.

Which EDM foundation shade and formula do you use by the way?

A very happy new year to you too and thanks! *hug*


Hey Izar :)

My order is not here yet :(
I ordered a 6 piece large kit and it's made up of mostly foundations and blushes. I'm so looking forward to trying out the eyebuki. I think it'll be good for getting into the nooks and crannies.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Well, it's ok, I can wait a litle bit...:D
I'm using the semi amatte formula, and Biege neutral shade from the buff group fits me perfectly, my skin has neutral undertones (I don't even have a Mac shade, the girls at the mac are shocked anytime they want to help me picking a shade, to proove that I'm wrong...! :D ) I always have to mix at least two shades of foundations together, and this is the first shade that melts into my skin without looking creepy.
As I see, they have new shades in the buff/olive group (olive is close to my tone too) so I think first I should order a new sample pack :)

I'm currently using the semi-matte formula as it's more natural-looking in the winter. I have Beige Neutral too (and in the exact same formula too!), and I've always held onto it and mixed just a smidgen into my foundation whenever I wanted to brighten up my complexion. Its color is very close to my own.

I love the look on SA's faces when they realise that the customer actually knows what she's talking about. :-))
But seriously, you're lucky to have found your shade. I'm still not completely satisfied with any of my own concoctions, not to mention the formulas. Maybe I'll just dump them all together like a member on the EDM forum suggested. (<-- Now that right there is sheer desperation for you. :)

A new sample pack will soon be on its way to me too, consisting only of the new olive shades. Like Grayburn said "Great minds think alike." :-D

Izar my BBF!!!!!
Thank you so much for your comment my dear.
I've been very stressed with all the blogs to check and want to check all and... you know me.
I just can't be like this, I have no time for anything.
Thank you so much for your understanding my dear, you’re sweet and lovely.
I’m not going to disappear, I’m just not appearing so many times a week.

Also I’ll have a group of favourites in which your blog is in :)

Much love

Hey Seeker!

You're very welcome dear. ^_^

Yup, definitely try to set apart some time for yourself, it's no good having no time for one's interests.

Drop by whenever you can and thank you for mentioning me among your favorites. I'm flattered! :)


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