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Hi gals!

I've been tagged by The Seeker, a wonderful friend of mine, so there you have it, more bits and pieces of me.

Thank you dear, I loved this one!

8 Things I Am Passionate About (in no particular order)
1. art&crafts
2. English language
3. makeup and cosmetics
4. religions&philosophy
5. computers
6. pens, papers, Post-It blocks, art tools, erasers, folders (No, seriously, you need to use extreme force to get me out of a stationery shop.)
7. animal welfare
8. alternative medicine (And traditional, if I want to know what dangers to avoid in the future.)

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
(in no particular order)
1. Discover and put to use all my different talents and abilities and help others with them.
2. Learn to consciously create my own reality.
3. Travel and see the world (Sweden and the US come first on my list).
4. Make some jewelry using Japanese delica beads. :-)

5. Get rid of my fear of flying, otherwise I’ll never be able to even start on No. 3. (And while at it, it’d be nice to do the same thing with my fear of dogs…)
6. Buy myself a Wacom tablet.
7. Read as many books as I can.
8. Go to a Body Shop store. ;-)

8 Things I Say Often
(in no particular order)
1. Brilliant…
2. Guys, I’m off to the library.
3. Mmhmm, just a moment…
4. There you are munchkin!!! Come here and let me nibble on your ears! (A cry followed by desperate meowing and hissing from said munchkin … :-)
5. Thank you!
6. The Present Perfect Tense is used when we wish to talk about…
7. Oh no! Not apple pie again!
8. Umm, well, I applied for this job because…

(Partners in Crime © 2008 Izar)

8 Books I Have Read Lately (in no particular order)
1. A Door Into Ocean – Joan
2. Mort – Terry Prachett
3. Sunstorm – Arthur C. Clarke & Stepher Baxter
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J. K. Rowling (Only for the second time since it came out. Shame on me.)
5. Queen of the Damned – Anne Rice
6. A Year Like None Other – Aspen in the Sunlight (Almost 3000 Word pages long, this novel-length Harry Potter fanfiction is the best I’ve ever read. And I’ve read quite a lot.
I think it's by far the longest as well, but it's worth every minute! I also finished its sequel, A Summer Like None Other a while ago.)
7. A Hungarian book about geopathic rays
8. Grammar Practice Activities – Perry Ur (A lifesaver for all ESL teachers!)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
(in no particular order)
1. Queen of Rain - Roxette
2. Ordinary -Train
3. Coloured Bedspread – Annie Lennox
4. Caught in the Rain - Revis
5. The Day After Tomorrow - Saybia
6. Good Times Gone - Nickelback
7. Wonder – Megan McCauley
8. End of the World – Armor for Sleep

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
(in no particular order)
1. That they accept me for who and what I am
2. That I can talk to them about things that truly interest me
3. That I’m instantly comfortable around them
4. That no matter how much time passes between meeting each other, we can always pick up where we had left
5. That we make each other laugh
6. That they introduce me to new things
7. That sometimes we seem to communicate without words
8. That every time we meet we give each other positive energy that keeps us going till next time

I think I'll take the easy way out of this and encourage everyone who stops by to do this if they wish.  

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So cool to know this things about you ;)
I also think this is a great meme, because it allows us to know more about each others in the internet.

Thank you for your kind words.
You're right sisters like me and her we have lots of cumplicity and she was, since she is older then me, always my BIG sister. If you know what I mean...

Love and Peace


Exactly: it really is a good way to get to know each other. *nods fervently*

I don't have any siblings but my Mum had four sisters (now only three), so I did get small peeks into what it is like. :-) I'm starting to realize how great it would be to have an older brother or a little sister. Someone to hold on to when times are rough and to know they'll always be there because they're family.

^_^ Love ya!

Yes, let's share an imaginary chocolate cake.... yumm, yumm.
It tastes deliciouse!!!!!!!

Oh and "Have a good night and a cheese" ahahahah

(It's really a cheese, made with milk, not a misspelling ahahahahha)


Hey Izar,

I have a 18 minute cure to fear of flying.

If you blog about curing yourself of a fear of flying, I'll give you the GoGetter JetSetter program for FREE.

Check it out at:


For the Love of Living Life to the Fullest,

JP Richards

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i love post-it blocks, or "stickies"!
I personally think that HP and the DH is the worst book for the series, if you want to, I'll send you a link with all the plot-holes and mistakes Jo made in that book. I also red it twice (only).
"The Present Perfect Tense is used when we wish to talk about…", so you're an english teacher?!


Hmm, I'd love to read that! (Send it to my e-mail address, and we'll discuss HP-DH too.) Having graduated from uni has brought with it a sense of intellectual isolation for me. Meaning there's no one around to dissect books with and analise them to bits. :-) Especially Harry Potter. We used to have a seminar dedicated just to the HP books: it was really fascinating even though the teacher was pretty bad. No matter though, we held the classes anyway so it turned out to be fun in the end. :-)

All this babbling was supposed to convey how much I crave info on the last HP book, so please, do send me the link! I'll love you for it! (For that too, I meant to say, and for lots of other things as well. ^_^)

Yeah, I'm an English teacher all right. I've just started working for a language school that sends out teachers to companies and we teach plain or business English to small groups of adults. I think it'll be interesting but I only had one class as of yet on Tuesday. :-D

Hey Izar!
It's nice to know more about you and that you have such wide areas of interst. It's so cute with the munchkin thing that you say :) I knew I liked you the first time I visited your site and now I've come to know you even more.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your posts.


Hi sweety!

Hope you're having a very nice Easter.


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