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Since my birthday is not far away and EM's packages usually take more than a week to arrive, today I decided to place my order and get myself the usual "Happy B'Day for Me from Me" gift. Don't get me wrong, I do get presents from my family on every occasion but they tend to gravitate towards that dreaded "useful stuff" instead of what I'd really like. That's probably because I'm into the kind of stuff they have little knowledge about (cosmetics, perfume, clothes and accessories, beads, gadgets, music, art tools) so it's only safe for me to invest into something I'd truly like myself.

Mum lent me some money yesterday so today I placed my order and got these:

(Click to enlarge!)

Please girls, please cross your fingers for me and pray that it'll arrive safely! This time it's very, very important: it cost too much for it to just disappear somewhere along the way to Hungary.
Of course, I'm incredibly excited: soon, if everything goes well, I'll have an EM lip color, lots of beautiful blushes and eyeshadows, a bronzer, and some more of my favourite foundations! Squeeee! :-)

EDIT (a few hours later):
Oh by the way, the brushes are available again on EM's site (Flat Top, LH Kabuki) and of course, I only noticed that after finalizing my order... Right, maybe next time. ^_^

EDIT (yet another couple of hours later...):

Wheee! It's hasn't even been ten hours since I placed the order and it's already been shipped according to EM's website! That means it should be here by next Friday! Yay!


On to something else. The weather has been changing here in Hungary in the past few years, and not for the better. We've been experiencing storms that now claim lives, 500 people died from the heatwave last summer and we didn't even have a real winter this year.

Last Sunday there was a huge gale with the speed of the wind reaching 120 km/h. What has not happened in 40 years happened now: two tall aspens were ripped from their places and fell. I happened to catch the moment when the second one happened and let me tell you it made my blood run cold. The thing is these trees are only meters away from our house and quite a bit taller too so if one of them happened to tilt the other way our house would probably have been damaged seriously.

I took some shots after the weather calmed down a bit that day but didn't dare to go outside because the wind was entirely unpredictable and I didn't exactly want to get stuck in the middle of another storm like that. Therefore, their quality is not the best (pics taken through the windowpane) but they'll probably give you an idea of the seriousness of the situation.

(The one near us; the one I saw fall. It landed on another tree and some of its branches wrenched the swing on the plaground.)

(Another one a bit further away.)

(A view of both trees.)


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First, oh my gosh with that wind! That is really scary. We have winds like that here in the Netherlands and recently we had to close our dam for the first time in ages.

Second, :) I see that you've made a really nice order! I'm excited for you! I've got apple as well and apparently, it is one of their best sellers. Nice, it's your birthday soon, do you have some special plans?

Have a great weekend sweetie,

I remember when Mum and I visited the Netherlands it was often windy. :-) Looks like it's getting worse everywhere around the world.

I wasn't planning on ordering Apple but then I decided to give it a try: it seeme to be a nice, everyday blush and I remembered that you seemed to like it too.

Lol, about my b'day: nothing special really. Would be nice to get new headphones, cause the one I have is a bit tricky to use... Oh, and I want to have cheesecake! :-D And maybe even order a Flat Top Brush until then.

Oh, I hope that everything would be ok with you and your beloveds with all that wind.
We usually have some storms with more than 100 Km/h speed wind, with trees crashed and roofs away, but this winter we didn't have those.
The weather is like "crazy", and it's all because of "us", and what we are doing to our mother Earth.

I want to know when your Bday is!!!

I'm not an expert but I think you order very nice stuffs. How good for you!!


I think we'll be alright, but I'm pretty sure that our plan to move is a very good one in light of recent events. Dad says aspen is a very weak kinf of tree so it's easy for the wind to rip it out of the ground. I would like to have trees around me but probably not aspen... Anyway, I'll be living in the city most likely so my options are a bit scarce.

Well, I guess that this calm weather you experienced during the winter is what is considered weird where you live then? :)

And some people still have the nerve to claim that it has nothing to do with human influence but a natural thing. It's sad. The people who started this all will most likely not have to live with it and suffer the consequences. Instead, it's people like you and me and future generations that do.

I really am excited about the EM stuff, especially the lip color: I love lip products and I was desperate to try one but ordering it alone makes the shipping ridiculoously high. This, however, was a good deal. ^_^ Are you still planning to try EM? Make sure you let us know if you do.

Lots of love,

P.S.: It's the 2nd of April. I almost ended up being an April's Fool. :-D Yours? Tell me in an e-mail if you like.

(Hmm, I'm pretty loquacious today... :-)

Wooow, I thought the wind in Florida is crazy but that is intense!!! Also, I've added Grayburn to my blogroll (hiiiii GB!). I am sooo impressed and excited about mineral make-up now.

I hope your goodies come soon and in tact! Can't wait to see swatches....and also, thanks so much for your words on women of color and red lipstick. You seriously have no idea how that made me feel. Awww, I want to drop a tear but no need to ruin the mascara. Muah! Love ya!

I loooove the word loquacious! It has cool synonyms like verbose and logorrhea (or however its spelled). LOL!

yup, we've really had crazy winds here in the last couple of days...some flights were delayed/cancelled etc.

Oh cheesecake! I love cheesecakes!! I've recently made a sweet potato pie and it was scrumptious.

Hope all is well, and hear about your EM order soon.

luv, Grayburn

It's very windy here right now too. I've just arrived home and I'm still frozen solid. :-)

Haha, guess what: I had cheesecake in a confectioery today, 'twas yummy. ^_^ Mum and I tried to make shepherd's pie for the first time a few days ago but it didn't turn out so well: I think we didn't use enough spices or put too much mashed potatoes on top. Whatever, we'll try again sometime.

I really hope my order will arrive tomorrow, but if not, it should at least come on Monday, and then I'm going to take lots of pictures for you to feast your eyes upon. :-D



Hey girl!

I'm glad you liked her posts and I'm pretty sure you'll have lots and lots of fun with mineral makeup. :-)

I meant every word of it too! I mean, who better to boost our confidence than fellow bloggers and ladies, right? We know our stuff, and aren't afraid to go against old stereotypes. Rock that red lipstick with pride girl, because if there's anyone who can it's you!

Oh, I love learning new words! They're so tasty! :-D I knew 'verbose' (from the movie V, for Vendetta) but 'logorrhea' and 'logorrheic' are new and simply scrumptious!
Thanks hun!

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