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I stumbled upon The Sartorialist half a year ago and it was my first encounter with the term 'street fashion' and the genre of the 'street fashion blog'. Since then I came across several others such as Face Hunter, STIL IN BERLIN, and HEL LOOKS. They've all been great sources of inspiration: bigger ones than the runway actually, simply because what ordinary people put on is usually something I'd have no problem wearing either, whereas clothes seen on fashion shows are usually anything but wearable.

A few weeks ago I discovered three Hungarian street fashion blogs the last one being the most unique of the three, and a real treat for anyone who admires art and fashion.

Our Style in Hungary is your typical street fashi
on blog with pictures of stylish pedestrians and a list of shops where the reader might stumble upon the items worn by above mentioned pedestrians. It's been online since February 2007 and has the most extensive gallery of the three blogs.

Budapest Style is very similar to the previous one with the only difference that it focuses on citizens of Budapest (Hungary's capitol) exclusively. I also had the impression that its standards are a bit higher when it comes to what's stylish and what isn't. It's definitely worth a check!

ART and STYLE is my absolute favorite which is probably because it is a unique take on fashion, something I've never seen before. The owner of the blog is a young Hungarian art student who is inspired by street fashion and depicts ordinary pedestrians in her pictures using watercolors. I encourage you to visit her and even leave a comment if you like her art. (She does speak English!)

So much for now, but I'll update this entry if I find another blog worthy of mentioning here. Also, I would very much like to see similar street fashion blogs, so if you know and like one then don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments or in an e-mail.


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thanks for posting - I'll include them in our blogroll!

You're welcome and thank you in the name of the Hungarian blog owners too!

Thanks so much for your comment! You were my very first! Your blog is very cool and I don't mind at all you linking to me. I'm curious to know about you blogging in english! Very cool

You're welcome Mikaela!

I love the English language and writing this blog is a great chance to practice it, not to mention that I can write about my other passion: beauty. :-)

Come and drop by again if you like, I'd love to hear from you!

Beautiful blog...stumbled upon you randomly but I do think I will be back.

Keep up the fab work!

Thank you dear!
You'd make me a very happy little blogger if you did. :-)

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